• Paula Krapf

Pictorial timeline of new library construction

Updated: Feb 5

Construction crews have gotten a lot of work completed on the exterior of the new Geneva Public Library under construction at 227 S. Seventh St. Current work focuses on the interior of the building.

When will construction end? We hope to wrap up construction in the spring of 2020.

What's next? Once construction is complete, there are several steps we must perform before we can move to the new library, including reviewing the punch list, undergoing inspections, installing furniture and shelving, setting up the network, tagging the collection, and packing at the current library to prepare for the move.

When is the moving date? The moving date will depend on the timeframe required for the punch lists, inspections, and installations.

Will you be closed during the move to the new library? We will close, but dates are not yet set for our move or opening day.

To see just how far we've come, we're looking back at the project from the beginning - it really is amazing to watch the transformation take place!

April 2017: Yes Geneva Library citizen's group places signs in the shape of a smiling face on the site of the new library following the successful referendum.

July 2018: Our groundbreaking ceremony was a community celebration!

August 2018: On-site work began after the project received approvals from the Historic Preservation Commission, Plan Commission, and City Council.

September 2018: The foundation and basement take shape.

October 2018: The first steel beams go up.

November 2018: Steelwork is underway.

December 2018: Steelwork progresses.

January 2019: Steelwork continues.

February 2019: Rain screen and insulation go up, beginning with the "smile."

March 2019: Rain screen and insulation work continues.

April 2019: Crews have covered a significant portion of the building with insulation and rain screen.

May 2019: The rain screen and insulation colors match Geneva's Swedish Days theme!

June 2019: Windows go in.

July 2019: Window installation continues.

August 2019: Terracotta siding goes up.

September 2019: Terracotta siding installation continues.

October 2019: Crews have installed a lot of siding and windows.

November 2019: Sidewalks go in.

December 2019: Parking lot and landscaping work begins.

January 2020: With considerable exterior work completed, crews turn their attention to the interior of the new library.

What informed the design of the new library?

The building’s design unites many elements of the community, and was developed with feedback from both the public and the Historic Preservation Commission. The HPC encouraged architects to examine the history of the area as an industrial corridor and tie some of those elements into the design.

* The colors and texture of the material choice reflect the Fox Valley limestone and other building materials prevalent in the area.

* The curvilinear ribbon that flows along the second floor was inspired by the cottonwood tree on-site and treehouses seen in residential neighborhoods.

* The old lumber mill and the Pope Box Company inspired the vertical expressions seen in the design, and the metal banding is a reflection of the former Geneva Kitchens manufacturing facility.

* The arch at the roof level that echoes the hull of the Viking ship now resting in Good Templar Park is meant to pay homage to the Swedish heritage of the area.



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