• Paula Krapf

Enjoy seeing the interior of the new library!

A view of the second floor, looking from the quiet reading area that overlooks Seventh Street, into the room. To the left are some of the bookable meeting rooms. At the top right is the fireplace.

Construction crews are working on the interior of the new Geneva Public Library at 227 S. Seventh St. We hope to wrap up construction in the spring of 2020. Scroll down to enjoy interior photos of your new library!

What's next? Once construction is complete, there are several steps we must perform before we can move to the new library, including reviewing the punch list, undergoing inspections, installing furniture and shelving, setting up the network, tagging the collection, and packing at the current library to prepare for the move.

When is the moving date? The moving date will depend on the timeframe required for the punch lists, inspections, and installations.

Will you be closed during the move to the new library? We will close, but dates are not yet set for our move or opening day.

How will I know what's happening? Check for the latest updates!

The grand staircase connecting the first and second floors. Work is now underway on the handrails.

A view of the Collaboration Zone on the second floor. On the far right is the Teen Take Over space, and the DIY Workshop is the adjacent room.

A view of the main lobby/exhibit space looking toward Sixth and Campbell streets. The main entrance is off the parking lot facing Franklin Street. There is a pedestrian entrance on Campbell Street.

Part of Kids Landing on the first floor which will serve children birth through eighth grade.

The study space in Kids Landing - perfect for elementary school students to do their homework and more!

A look into Discovery Spot in Kids Landing, a space for programs, drop-in activities, and more!

This is the Middle Ground in Kids Landing, the spot where middle schoolers can hang out, read, do homework, have programs, and more.

Looking into the DIY Workshop on the second floor. Plenty of space for crafting programs and drop-in events!

The tech equipment checkout/customer service center on the second floor (right). The door on the left leads into The Studio which can be used for video or recording.

A look inside The Studio.

The second floor fireplace. You can see the railing for the outdoor porch that overlooks Franklin Street.

A view of the outdoor porch that faces Franklin street - the fireplace is on the left.

A look into the second floor quiet reading room which has a lovely view of Seventh and Franklin streets.

One of the bookable rooms on the second floor that can be used for work, studying, and meetings.

Looking into the training lab on the second floor which will have computers set up for classes.

This is the customer service area on the first floor. The doors to the left are the main entrance doors that lead into the parking lot which is off Seventh and Franklin streets.



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