• Paula Krapf

First floor work begins on new library

View of first floor work from Sixth Street, near Campbell Street.

With basement and foundation work complete, construction crews begin first floor work at the new library, located at 227 S. Seventh St.

View of work from Seventh Street.

What will the new library feature? The 57,000-square-foot building will have 76 off-street parking spaces, drive-up convenience, a variety of meeting areas, a community art gallery, and outdoor reading spaces.

* The Library will feature an enhanced children’s area with developmentally appropriate collections, play areas, and learning opportunities for children from birth through eighth grade.

* Teens and adults will have access to a variety of library materials and enjoy spending time in the quiet reading and study spaces.

* Additionally, Library service will be expanded to include new opportunities for collaborating, using technology, and experimenting in lab spaces.

Another view of work from Sixth Street, looking at the first floor above the basement.

When will the new library open? The goal is a prospective opening date in the fall of 2019.

View renderings of the new library at

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A view from Seventh and Campbell Streets.



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