• Paula Krapf

Historic Preservation Commission hearing set for Dec. 19

The City of Geneva's Historic Preservation Commission will review the Library's proposal for a new facility at 210 S. Sixth St. on Tuesday, Dec. 19 at 7 p.m. at City Hall Council Chambers, 109 James St.

The Library filed an application for a Special Use for Preliminary/Final Planned Unit Development Approval of a 3-story public library with 77 off-street parking spaces in the R3 Medium to High Density Single-Family District.

The PUD application provides civil engineering plans, parking and traffic studies, elevations, and more. You can view the HPC agenda at

These plans will be reviewed first by the HPC, followed by the Plan Commission, and City Council. Public notice in accordance with City of Geneva requirements will be sent to all taxpayers within 500 feet of the property. Public notice includes information about the application and zoning variance requests that conform with plans detailed before the referendum as well as throughout the public forum process. For example, community members expressed a desire to minimize the view of parking, and in response, a park-like setting with fewer parking stalls was incorporated in the application.

Likewise, responding to the community's desire to minimize the appearance of the height of the building, while still remaining at or below the height of the former Sixth Street School building, the building is partially buried at the corner of Sixth and Campbell, and the top story is set back from the perimeter. Get more details on the plans and view renderings at

Library officials are also working with Park District officials to develop plans for a new playground at the corner of Sixth and Franklin. The Park District will additionally engage in a public process to seek input for their designs. Both districts are excited about this ongoing partnership.

The goal is to start construction of a new building in the spring of 2018, with a prospective opening date in mid-year 2019. Continue to keep up with the progress on the new building plans at Please contact us anytime at



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