• Paula Krapf

Community Workshop #3 Design Schemes & Video

Architects presented four design concepts at the third community workshop to discuss plans for the new library. Watch the session at

Previous community forums provided the architects with some guiding principles for design options such as forward thinking, safe, and wow factor.

Historic Preservation Commission members also asked architects to investigate the industrial spur that was once in the Seventh Street area. The area has had a lumber yard, a manufacturing facility (iron works), and a steel plant. There was a rail spur on Seventh Street that went into St. Charles with an industrial corridor where materials could be dropped off. In the 1970s, the retail center on Route 38 was built, followed by the town homes on Seventh Street. That history also became an inspiration for design concepts.

Architects will take feedback from the community, HPC, Library staff and the Library Board to develop a final plan to submit to the appropriate city agencies for review (HPC, Plan Commission, and City Council).

The four design concepts are:

1. The Bridge Materials are brick, terracotta, limestone, wood slatting (inspired by previous industrial buildings in that corridor), and metal panel (as a nod back to steel plant). The wood slatting would be leveraged for sun control on the south elevation and privacy control on the north elevation.

2. Embrace The materials are terracotta, stone, ivy screening, limestone, and fritted glass to control sun - the fritted glass has patterns and texture. The south elevation would take advantage of the natural light. A stone or hard wall would cover three sides of the building and open up the south elevation with light.

3. Books There are portions of the building where windows are irregularly vertical, inspired by a stack of books. The materials are terracotta, ivy (used for screening), fritted glass for sun control, and limestone.

4. Discover, Inspire, Grow This theme is based on the Library's mission statement and inspired by the past but not replicating it. Materials are brick, ivy, wood slats, and limestone. One material transitions into the next for visual interest. The scheme makes the pedestrian entrance at Campbell more prominent.

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