• Paula Krapf

Planning for our Future: Community Workshop #1 for a new library building

As Geneva Public Library moves forward with plans for a new library at 210 S. Sixth St., we've begun a series of community workshops to educate the public and get their feedback. The first workshop, June 6, covered the community's aspirations for a new library.

You told us you want a welcoming library that:

  • stimulates creativity

  • offers universal accessibility

  • is pedestrian-friendly

  • exudes culture

  • provides more social spaces

  • hosts many events and lectures

  • offers a balance between quiet and active activities

  • and much more

Workshop #2 is at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 13, and will cover site considerations for the new library. We will upload video from the first workshop as soon as it is available.

Thanks to all who attended workshop #1 and shared their thoughts!



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