• Paula Krapf

Planning for Our Future: Community Workshops

As we move forward with plans to build a new library at 210 S. Sixth St., we invite members of our community to participate in the design process for the building by joining us for a series of upcoming workshops.

The workshops will be held on the following dates at 7 p.m. at the library: Tuesday, June 6, Tuesday, June 13, and Wednesday, July 19. We urge participants to attend all three sessions, which will cover site development, building structure, materials, contemporary library issues, aesthetics, etc., and provide an opportunity for the community to offer their feedback for the architects and library board members to review.

Each workshop has a specific theme:

Part I: Critical components of architecture and the public library (June 6)

  • Architectural tradition: Understanding specific aspects and virtues of architecture, and how they inform the design and decision process.

  • Review the overall timeline of architectural history.

  • Review the history of the “library” as an institution in architectural form, and how that has changed over time.

Part II: Design considerations for a new library: Working large to small (June 13)

  • This is an introduction to general design considerations for designing a library. This will review site and building access, how the exterior is influenced by the interior layout, and sequences of operations.

  • Design considerations for the exterior design of a building: scale, proportion, and materials, and examples of each in libraries and other municipal buildings.

Part III: Design elements, material, and color (July 19)

  • The architects will show three potential exterior building elevations and designs for feedback.

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